Moonie the Humming Friend is a beautiful, soft, cuddly, plush bunny that helps babies to sleep. 


  • Moonie has five natural, calming, soothing sounds that have been recorded in the natural environment. According to the pediatric research white noise helps babies to fall asleep faster, sleep longer, cry less, calm down quicker, build a proper sleep routine & even overcome colic
  • Five sounds include Womb, Wind, Forest Stream, Sea Waves and Rain
  • There is also a calming lullaby composed especially for newborns
  • Moonie is also a delicate night lamp with five different modes - mood light, mood light pulsating, 7 colours changing, favourite colour light, favourite colour light pulsating
  • Gentle glow of the light reminds newborns of mother's womb, soothes babies & makes them feel safe
  • The light mode can be customised to suit every baby's needs and also can be switched off completely if required
  • Moonie has a smart cry detector that activates the sound when babies start to cry 
  • Moonie has all the certificates required for children 0+ and can be safely attached to baby's bed & used from the very first day
  • It has safe volume level and automatically turns off after 30 minutes; the sound module remembers favourite settings; easy to use and single button operated
  • Granules in each Moonie hand stimulate the baby's sense of touch
  • No batteries - Moonie is USB rechargable (USB INCLUDED)
  • Moonie is completely washable as the sound module can be removed
  • Box contains the Moonie plush toy, the sound module, USB cable and User Guide
  • The height of the Moonie is 25cm
  • You can use Moonie as a comforter toy by taking the sound module out
  • You can easily tie Moonie onto baby's cot/crib using it's ears 
  • PLEASE NOTE even though Moonie is certified & completely safe to use from birth, it is safest for your baby to sleep in their cot/crib without any objects in it and for that reason we advice to tie Moonie on to the cot/crib rather than putting it in loose



Moonie the Humming Friend


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